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Our ETIMA brand has a recognition and experience of almost 35 years in the packaging sector worldwide. ETIMA is a company formed by a team of professionals specialised in the design, manufacture and maintenance of labelling machines.

The areas of the company are divided into innovation, creation, internationalisation of our services, after sales and commercial service. Year after year, the goal is to offer our clients those value-added products that can improve the final image of their brands.


What can ETIMA do?

High technological manufacturing adapted to the packaging industry, giving tailored and specialised answers to each productive requirement of the markets, sectors and clients as well as to solve with total guarantee and reliability the challenges that appear on the road.


What does ETIMA want to become?

A worldwide industry of reference and prestige for the quality, reliability and solvency of its equipment and services.


Which are ETIMA’s principles?

Confidence, proximity, agility. Productive quality and customer service.
Reliable resolution of technological challenges and adaptation to the needs of each sector, client and production line depending on the type of packaging, products, processes etc.

Our flexibility and policy, based on providing the market with high quality equipment , adapted to the specific needs of each client, allows us to work for companies from all industrial sectors with high technical requirements. From our Barcelona headquarters and our LATAM subsidiary, we deliver a wide coverage of international markets.

International expansion

Since 2013 ETIMA has been expanding internationally through different Latin American countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia creating its own headquarters in the city of Bogotá in order to outreach the market.

Nowadays ETIMA is notably present in the LATAM market. For example, in April 2016, ETIMA entered the Bolivian pharmaceutical sector. Also in the agro-industrial and fish canning sectors of Peru.

ETIMA is in the international expansion phase for different Latin American countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia



We design solutions tailored to meet the requirements of each client


Adapted manufacturing to the needs of each client


Specialised in Pharma, Food & Beverage and Personal Care

From the beginning

Technical office specialised in own developments and technology.

GMP and 5 S

Quality control of production in all processes. Internal regulations on efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability


Continuous assistance & after-sales service direct and personalised per each project / client