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The company ALIMENTOS PROSALUD – SARDIMAR of COSTA RICA, the most important canned food company in Central America, which exports its products to the entire American and European continents, acquires a new ETIMA labeller.

The client’s need was to replace the existing labelling lines with one of greater production capacity and efficiency, and that could also label 7 different can formats.
The speed of production of the labeller is 1,000 cans / minute (60,000 containers / hour).

This being one of the fastest labelling machines on the market, taking into account that various diameters and can heights are labelled.
The model purchased has been our Hot-Melt linear model ML-L-1 TL-92, special model manufactured by ETIMA for labelling canned products.

The machine has already been commissioned to the full satisfaction of the client who has then ordered another similar machine to modernise another labelling line of its production plant.
With this new addition, there will be a total of 3 ETIMA labelling systems at our client ALIMENTOS PROSALUD – SARDIMAR of COSTA RICA, reaffirming their confidence in ETIMA.