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Labelling Heads

ETIMA offers a wide range of labelling systems to apply self-adhesive labels of any shape and size with precision and reliability on any product.

NOVEXX ALS204/206/ 209/256/272

  • High performance and robust labellers to apply all types of labels in continuous 24/7 operation.
  • The integrated design with a compact size makes this ALS range easy to install on any new or existing production line, regardless of whether the label should be applied on the top, side, around or on the top or bottom of the product.
  • The features such as pneumatic dispenser, pneumatic applicators, Ethernet connection, IP65, tandem or non-stop function and many more make the ALS range a versatile labeller.
  • It allows the integration of any printing system in the market.

NOVEXX ALS 306/309

  • The ALS 30x series of modular labelling system is specially developed for the most extreme labelling conditions and environments.
  • Created to perform and support continuous labelling by using large label rolls up to ø400mm, tandem or non-stop applications that increases the productivity and performance of the production line, using our high performance labellers NOVEXX Solutions ALS 306 and ALS 309.
  • It allows the integration of any printing system in the market.

NOVEXX ALX 734/735/736

  • The print-&-apply model ALX73x range is developed to meet the fastest demands available in the market.
  • With an application speed of up to 50 metres per minute, our ALX 73x models are unsurpassed.
  • Covering printing widths up to 152 mm (6”), most of the required print demands are covered without losing printing quality at a high application speed.
  • Label rolls up to ø400mm in combination with 1,000 metre ribbon rolls make the ALX 73x extremely efficient and support your fast, reliable and perfect product identification needs.



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